Why Gears of War 2 will not be anounced at GDC 08

Splitscreen writes-"Facts seem to have been deleted from the industry with almost all major publishers and developers keeping their prized creations under wraps and gamers are left wondering what really is happening, since most exclusive information is kept with hostile security and sold to the highest bidder.

And the latest one is that Gears of War 2 is under works - or rather is possibly under works - and will be announced and showcased in a really big way at GDC-08. Which is great for all Lancer loving fans, but it won't exactly be happening that way. Here's why..."

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jkoz4323d ago

Doesn't convince me. We'll see GoW2 at GDC08.

sonarus4323d ago

actually he makes a lot of sense. Not saying gears isnt coming end of the yr but it might not be announced thats all. I want gears of war 2 info as much as the next guy but realistically speaking all we are going off of are rumors off surfer girl. In other words dnt get your hopes up ppl it might not happen. At most we'll probably see the gow2 version of unreal engine 3 with all the optimizations and improvements.

kewlkat0074323d ago

Somebodies else's opinion.

As a Game Developer's conference, why wouldn't EPIC showcase their Updated Engine, as well as take some slack off the bad press they have been getting from other developers..SK.etc

mighty_douche4323d ago

Splitscreen??? Umm who are they and why should i believe them?

Also, terrible caption picture, could of picked something better... oh, its an ear... brilliant...

VirusE4323d ago

I heard that they are taking out all of the guns other than the shotgun (after all most regular gears players are not even aware that other guns exist) and the real reason it isn't being shown at gdc is because they have yet to trademark the name which is; Gears of War: the shotgun chronicles. Sorry i love gears but i just couldn’t help myself.

games4fun4323d ago

shotgun wasn't so versitile people wouldnt use it so much i think that it is the most realistic representation of a shotgun the bullets actually hit from far off like in RL so yea not only that its so easy to kill all those chainsaw people with a shotgun to the face

VirusE4323d ago

Games i 100% agree with you. It looks cool when you get the kill too. I was just poking fun. A few of you obviously took it real personal and hit me with the bubble down! Well all is fair in love and war.

jinn4323d ago

good. they should take their time to work on it and stay away from the media

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The story is too old to be commented.