These Games Go On Forever

A feature from that lists some games for those who have too much time on their hands.

Quote: "Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Alternatively: Every step of a thousand miles begins a new journey. I prefer my version because it follows multiverse theory. In any case, some of you, my beloved readers for whom I furious mastur– I mean thank, each night, for reading my features, are perilously free of time and able to play as many games as you see fit. Since I’ve already catered to the crowd that lack time in previous features, I thought I’d show the rest of you some love and provide you all with a list of games that you can play for a while and really sink some time into. Proper time-sucks, like a whore with a wrist-watch fetish.

Actually, you’ll really need some time to sink if you’re ever going to get anywhere in these games. "

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Chris5582315d ago

Wow dragons dogma was challenging for you? Just go assassin you will be immortal and about challenge final boss tactic farm potions use invisible and hit million times the dragon he can't touch you daaaaamn boring kingdoms of amalur fun for one walkthough than it becomes boring

ame222315d ago

I'd take a Red Dead over a GTA anyday.

guitarded772314d ago

I agree... if not a Red Dead, another R* sandbox game in a different time and setting. Red Dead was essentially GTA in a different time and setting. The formula is great with GTA, it's just that we've been there, done that.

beerkeg2315d ago

'There is no help either. No game journal or in-game map that I could find. Your game can only save at camp spots and upon saving, all the enemies you’ve just killed will respawn, meaning that you will always think twice before making a trip back to a camp fire to save. Always. '

The game saves automatically, you don't need to save at a campfire. A campfire is used as a checkpoint for when you die, but not to save. It's used for other reasons as well, but it isn't a save point.

ravinash2315d ago

And that bit that says it's not fair....Dark souls is very fair.
You get greedy, you die.
You go somewhere your not ready for, you die.
You don't learn how to fight, you die.
Thats fair...because when you do, you know your the best!

soundslike2314d ago

also its very rare that you'll take damage if you roll and block properly, you can't say that for other games. Most games don't allow you that type of control.

TekoIie2314d ago

Yeh dark souls is perfectly fair. I mean if your struggling just grind in an area for a while and get a few levels. Simple :)

amaguli2315d ago

What about Disgaea 4? One moment you pop in the disc and the next thing you know you just spent nearly 100 hours playing it.

StrawberryDiesel4202314d ago

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls will absolutely ruin your social life if you let them.