5 Min Video of PS3 Test Unit.

Game trailers 5 min video of PS3 test unit.

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CAPS LOCK4497d ago

great post and the ps3 looks really slick, like a black ferrari. my only complaint was that he didnt take enough video from the tv, i wanted to see how it looked like.

sa739174497d ago

I didn't realise the case was going to be see-through like it is.. weird effect

Mr Bubbles4497d ago

between the generi-rock music and the action close-ups and the dude fingering the PS3, I'll bet more than one of you had a wank during that video. And I just want to say that's wrong. Seriously, don't let that become a habit.

Captain Tuttle4497d ago

Funniest thing I've read on here in awhile!

TheMART4497d ago

Now that were the most boring 5 minutes of my life.

I expected game trailers. All I saw was an oversized case nothing that did actually ran or started up. Prototype, could still be not working.

For real. Go watch the 360 stuff including Assassins Creed running on devkits or shop models

4497d ago
TheMART4497d ago

Why is it that you only have one bubble Gametime?

Watching a black case for 5 minutes is just boring, even Sony fans would admit

shoota334497d ago

Mart get a life i only have one account so get over it and stop worrying about me.

super bill4497d ago

god that ps3 does look crap.

Antan4497d ago

ever wondered why you have 2 bubbles?

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The story is too old to be commented.