Bizarre Creations made 'concerted effort' to minimize gore in The Club

Bizarre Creations has made a conscious effort to keep the red stuff out of its next-gen shooter The Club, the developer told VG247 today, and instead concentrated on a "Hollywood" style to convey action in the game.

"I don't agree that the game is super-violent," said Ben Ward, community and web boss at the Liverpool-based outfit. "We've made a concerted effort to minimize the level of gore in the game. You won't see massive amounts of blood or guts when you shoot people. We've tried to use the ragdoll system to give feedback to the player rather than a huge cloud of red goo."

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BloodySinner3910d ago

Well, that's quite a shame. Game gore tends to draw more attention to the mature gamers (who also happen to be the majority of the "hardcore").

picker3323910d ago

Is this game worth buying?

bohemian 233910d ago

The demo wasn't too bad. For me it's one of those games if a few friends pick up a copy than I will to for the online.