The Greatest Video Gamer Returns In "Pure Pwnage: The Movie"

It was a sad day when Pure Pwnage, the web series, was cancelled. But now, like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Pure Pwnage has been reborn. The show’s creators, Jarret Cale and Geoff Lapaire have announced the production of a Pure Pwnage film, which is to be funded by Indiegogo. The movie will be set in the webseries’ universe (not the TV show), and will pick up where the last ‘webisode’ left off. Jarret and Geoff are looking to raise $75,000, with backer rewards including copies of the film’s scripts, a DVD of the movie, and much more.
In less than a day, the film has already raised over half its goal. You can check out the project here, and watch the pitch video below!

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Sarynthra2222d ago

They are raising the money so fast! They said the movie will scale with the budget we provide, at this rate I'm pretty sure they are going to be able to do anything with the movie.

shaanmjoshi2222d ago

True that. I can't wait for this, and as you said, with the budget there are endless possibilities :D

Sizzon2222d ago

Omg I used to watch PP so much back then, still RIP T-Bag :(