Tekken Tag Tournament 2 update due in October, includes free content

I’ve been keeping a beady eye on Katsuhiro Harada’s Twitter feed since publishing my opinion piece criticising difficultly in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Thus far, I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that Namco Bandai’s esteemed beat ‘em up producer intends to issue a patch quashing my beef towards TTT2’s Arcade mode. But (and that’s a big but), he has announced that a title update is in the pipeline – said to bring with it a few delicious treats.

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OhMyGandhi4262d ago

well...I guess it still counts as free content

csreynolds4262d ago

Sorry about that. I've provided the correct link above.

iWishTifaWasReal4262d ago

PAGE NOT FOUND............


csreynolds4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Sorry about that. The correct link has been provided above.

VsAssassin4262d ago

I wish this patch eliminates the PSN crash bug, in which players, including myself, get booted out completely of PSN. I'm going to tweet Harada later tonight just to confirm if this will be taken care of in the next patch.

Boody-Bandit4262d ago

Really? That never happened to me and I have been playing TT2 non stop since it was released.

VsAssassin4262d ago

I think I'm in the minority here. I'm from the Philippines and sad to say most of us here need to use other neighboring countries as our selected user country. I use HK and I get booted out completely of PSN 90% of the time. The error code is 8002A512 or something like this.

It's weird since this never happened to me in other online games. What I do know, however, is that other people across the globe experience this. But, yeah, we might be in the minority here.


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Melankolis162d ago

Akira Yuki is a Bajiquan practitioner who disguised as a Karateka.

WheatBread162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

"Sega has talked about rebooting old titles, but rebooting is difficult, it’s less likely to work,” said Aoki.

Bring back Yu Suzuki plz

Rynxie161d ago

Yu Suzuki time is up. He's a dinosaur. He was great back in the days, but he's way too old school and that doesn't work in modern gaming. Look at his last two games.

Vader82161d ago

Even if you consider his last two games below par look at how many below par AAA games are being churned out by modern developers all year round. The video game landscape is still being dominated by these "dinosaurs'. Miyamoto, Kojima, Harada, to name a few. To me they know more what gaming is about than wanting to empty people's wallets.

Profchaos160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Modern gaming barley works in modern gaming trend chasing is a huge element of modern gaming company A sees huge success with game X then everyone wants to make their own version they sink years into it and fail when battle Royale fever gripped everyone how many failures did we see I lost count or when every company had to have a mmorpg after wow struck gold or a looter shooter after borderlands

Sometimes having someone think differently to how the hivemind of modern gaming works is a good thing

neomahi161d ago

I want the Arcade Mode like the PS3 version had. You could earn all the unlockables through it, it was brilliant and lengthy! Then they did Virtua Fighter 5 Showdown which went to micro transactions and removed that mode. Lame.... It had online mode, which the PS3 version didn't have, but I'd rather have that Arcade Mode than the online the 360 and subsequent consoles has gotten.

So, thanks for advocating for us, yeah, Virtua Fighter 6 and Virtual-On as well. Cool to see the fighting development community as fans of each other. Will be getting Tekken 8 as well

autobotdan142d ago

We will see one in five years. Wait I dont want to wait 5 or 10 years. They should already be working on it right now to release in two years


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