Dance Central 3 Gangnam Style

GameFans writes:
"Fans of Dance Central are in for a treat. Brace yourselves – Dance Central 3 is coming October 16 in North America, October 18 and 19 in Japan and Europe respectively."

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KosmoCrisis2223d ago

Gungnam Style! Woop, woop-woop-woop-woop...Gungnam Style!

OneAboveAll2223d ago Show
ExitToExisT2223d ago

I have to admit its a clever marketing idea.

Draperc2223d ago

@ OneAboveAll I think that's the reason why people like it so much.

3-4-52222d ago

OBA- I would usually agree with you. I can't stand things that get super popular just because. the songs usually suck anyways.

This song is actually kind of good/funny in a way that most aren't.

It's the one fad I haven't really disliked.

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