Vita action RPG Ys Celceta - TGS Hands-on Impression (PlayStation LifeStyle)

"I just played Ys Celceta for PlayStation Vita, and it seems to be a pretty good handheld action RPG." -PlayStation LifeStyle

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dbjj120882222d ago

Honestly, I don't care what it is. If it's for the Vita, I'll buy it. I will literally buy anything on my Vita. It is such a good handheld.

r212222d ago

True that, never was I interested in specific console games but when they're on the vita, they're just more interesting :D

shammgod2222d ago

It's only getting better! Persona 4 and AC Liberation coming up! LBP just dropped and Soul Sacrifice coming next year. Also, is Dust 514 being implemented for vita also? My PS3 backlog is already pretty deep, now vita is growing

ftwrthtx2222d ago

We need more RPG's for the Vita.

knifefight2222d ago

No doubt. I want to see some original entries to big franchises come out soon. These remakes are cool, but I think everything works best in a balance.

Snookies122222d ago

YS! Such an amazing series!

knifefight2222d ago

XSeed usually publishes these stateside, so hopefully they pick this up too.

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