GamesRadar Preview: Halo wars

GamesRadar writes:

"Even if you're a big Halo fan, the concept of Halo Wars may leave a bad taste in your mouth. Understandable, if you've ever played RTS games on a console. Perhaps you found the interface cumbersome, the pace of the combat (and the reactions it asks of you) directly at odds with the flexibility of the controls. Perhaps you're thinking that things will be no different this time. But having seen gameplay in motion, we reckon Ensemble has finally cracked the RTS genre on console - Halo Wars is fast-paced and simple to control, and retains the feverish strategy that makes RTS games so addictive on PC."

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Bladestar4324d ago

wow... I almost thought that GamesRadar was going to burn this one.. they've being very critical about games that for the most part people seem to like.

I can't wait for this game.

BloodySinner4324d ago

I do not think I'll be enjoying this title. I hope there's a demo coming out soon.

jinn4324d ago

this is unacceptable

wageslave4324d ago

Im not a great fan of RTS, but being that its in the Halo universe, I look forward to this title.

What is fun about these games will be the RTS over LIVE.