Halo 4: 5 Weapons We Can’t Wait To Unleash

WC - For me, Halo has always been about the weapons. Sure, vehicles and spaceships are cool and all, but Halo was the first series I ever played in which the weapons made me drool. What makes it even cooler is that a lot of these weapons seem realistic given the time period of the game. Combat Evolved’s Sniper Rifle and Magnum hooked me immediately, and the Energy Sword in Halo 2 just made the package even sweeter. I remember how excited I was when I heard that the amazing giant hammer that Tartarus wielded in Halo 2 would be available to players in 3. Do you remember using it to flip a Warthog full of players for the first time? I do.

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Goldenslaya2246d ago

Wow now that I think about it which will be the favorite cqb weapon? Scatershot energy sword or gravity hammer??