HD-DVD add-on can't do lossless audio

Comfirmed from Microsoft Exec Amir.

"Since there is no HDMI on the 360, the only option you have here is to buy the Toshiba player. We do decode TrueHD per my earlier post but we can't get it out in a lossless manner.

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sa739176412d ago

Oh well I'm sure someone will say its not a problem because only audiophiles want true lossless audio and they won't be using a 360 for their music..

(And if you believe that I've got a coat hanger shaped bridge in Sydney to sell you.. )

Aflac6412d ago

the 360 is getting hdmi in the near future, ps3 fanboys r just pissed that the ps3's got nuthin on the 360, they keep posting crap thats already invalid.

dantesparda6412d ago (Edited 6412d ago )

Look, I own a 360 and waited out all night for it, but you 360 fanboys make me sick! you's are some of the most ignorant people I have ever seen! (almost worst than political people). I do not plan on buying a PS3 as I will never pay $400 or more for a game system again. But for you all to sit hear and accuse the other guy of being a fanboys is just ridiculous! it is complete and utter hypocrisy. So you're hating on them for being the same thing you's are too! But the only difference is that they are insulting or putting down mommy Xbox 360 or mommy PS3. You's are to blinded by your own fanboyism to see it! And $200 HD-DVD movie player add-on is not going to look or sound as good as a true stand-alone unit that costs more money and is designed specifically for that. Im not saying that it couldnt, but that usually it doesnt, almost you are comparing it to a really cheap model, or the model is alot older. And who really cares about this thing anyway? Are you really interested in HD-DVD player? Or is this all just about your competition and winning? This is sick! you people are sick! Get out, go to a club, dance with a girl, pick up some chick at a MALL or something. And stop caring so much about Sony or MS.

Donkey Slayer6412d ago

It is very true, no HDMI, no lossless.

"Answer is simple: NO. There is no HDMI option. Only output options are VGA/Component. "


shotty6412d ago

Well I dont even have a loseless player. The xbox 360 is supposed to provide a cost effective next gen player. If you want all the bells and whistles then you should go with a standalone player. I for one have an HDTV but not HDMI. Even if I did, I don't have a receiver capable of outputting lossless audio (There isn't even a player in the world that can output HD audio). I am sticking with DTS which the xbox 360 outputs over toslink cables which is more than good enough for me to watch HD-DVD.