Sony's plans for the PS3 & PS4 "For those who missed out on last night's announcements during the Tokyo Game Show, Sony unveiled the PS4... or just another redesigned PS3. Looking even ‘slimmer’, the new design for Sony’s hardware seemed to be an 'well known secret' due to the redesign having been leaked back in July. A question that most gamers will have immediately is: why release another PS3 model when we are so close to the release of the PS4?"

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Anon19743233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

"A question that most gamers will have immediately is: why release another PS3 model when we are so close to the release of the PS4."

I'll save you a bit of a read and skip to his answer.

"to keep the PS3 viable and profitable"

Phew. A bit long-winded when that's ultimately your point, in my opinion. Not sure what this article has to do with the PS4, but hey - gotta fill the site with something.

Edit below: True, but I think this is probably more about tech. As technology ages it shrinks, becomes cheaper, more efficient and easier to make so it makes sense that from time to time you would adjust your design accordingly to take advantage of that. The PS2 has hardware revisions after the PS3 came out. It's not like the prospect of the next gen is going to make them stop trying to make this gen more cost effective for them. And the article says as much, it just goes about it in a rather lengthy fashion.

sjaakiejj3233d ago

Pretty much yeah. Sony didn't create the new SuperSlim model for marketing purposes, they did it to cut costs and increase the Ps3's profitability. It's a common business practice - cut out all the features that nobody uses, or only a small percentage of people use, and you're left with a much cheaper product.

Statix3233d ago

The new Slim model (I wouldn't categorize it as "Super Slim") is both to cut costs as well as for marketing purposes.

Soldierone3233d ago

Its for marketing too.

Fans "see the new PS3 slim! I want one!"
Media "Sony announced new slim!"
Sony "check out our new PS3 models! Just in time to fiend off WiiU!"

At the end of the day, yes its to save money but its for marketing purposes too. Otherwise they wouldn't re-design the whole thing. And yes they have changed things internally many times without re-designing something.

rpd1233232d ago

Except that if it costs less to produce, then the price should be less too. They are charging the same for super slim as they are with a slim. Granted, you get more memory, but to increase profitability they should have brought this PS3 out with a nice price drop.

Sarcasm3232d ago


Yeah it is weird that they didn't release it with a price drop much like they did with the original slim.

This looks like a $199 product. With that price and a new design, it probably would have sold like gangbusters this holiday and taking some of the wind out of the Wii U launch.

But knowing Sony, they have been making weird decisions this whole generation. (Not talking about games quality, that's a non-issue)

sjaakiejj3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )


If you've been following Sony as a company recently, you'll observe that they're having financial problems. Reducing the manufacturing costs of the PS3 increases its profitability, therefore reducing their financial deficit.

Sony is currently looking to stabilize, not expand, and that's why you're not seeing a price drop along with the new Ps3.

Most of the cost savings in the new model are directly related to the new design. The mechanical disc tray is the most obvious example of these - they're a lot cheaper than the disc slot used in older versions of the console.

It wasn't for marketing at all, the Marketing department is just trying to make the product as appealing as possible even though it just looks cheaper than the other models.

sikbeta3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )


So, they'll get crushed by Nintendo's new system and X360 price incentives? (plus games: N: Mario / MS: Halo4)

This is only to get more money per unit sold, but if less consoles are sold, what is going to happen?

I was reading some rumors, mostly on Gaf, where people said that these higher prices are pushed to make the old Slim models "look" cheaper (as in affordable) and this way clearing the stock (affordable old slim selling out while new slim replaces) and new slim will get a price reduction, that's kind of a good move in order to get rid of the current models.

Now, if the only purpose of this console is to make more money to Sony while the competition will make an effort to push their consoles, that really sounds bad, but lets see how it turns out.

sjaakiejj3232d ago


You misunderstood what I said. Sony is looking to stabilize their business, which is the reason for releasing the new slim console.

This doesn't mean that they don't push the brand at all, it just means that the new slim console isn't built to push the brand, hence why there's no price drop.

When I said expand, I was referring to 'expanding beyond their current rate', not expanding in general. As far as general brand pushing is concerned, Sony is offering value through aspects such as PS+, upcoming exclusives and Vita+PS3 cross play.

As far as Halo 4 is concerned though, I don't think Sony is even going to try to compete with it. Instead, they're pushing Wonderbook this fall and aiming at the younger audience.

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DivineAssault 3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

This new slim model will cut costs im assuming.. & making it smaller is always better.. The games is whats important i mean damn sony is rocking it.. Its overkill with everything they keep pumping out.. Under appreciated is putting it lightly.. 1 game like mario bros or Halo gets hordes of ppl flocking to it.. Thats cool for them but really? PS4 will be shown soon enough.. Theyre prolly still working on the games to have trailers & demos ready.. I think it will be teased nx E3.. I wana see what its got & if i like what i see, im going to commit the ultimate act of fanboyism & tatoo the x, circle, triangle, & square on my arm.. tastefully of corse

LakerGamerEnthusiast3233d ago

I came into this article expecting something to read about sony speaking of the ps4 at TGS.. but it's just the author himself talking about it. Im not mad just wish the article was really about "Sony's plans FOR the ps4." other than the ps3 stuff we already know about.

DBergmark3233d ago

How can I know what the plans for the PS4 are unless I work for Sony? Plus if I posted the plans for the PS4 if I in fact do work for Sony which I don't, I would be fired and sued for leaking information to the public.

As always Internet, you ask for the impossible. Thanks for the comment!

sjaakiejj3233d ago

If you don't, then why does the article title state that you do know about the plans?

fei-hung3233d ago

Its because the title of your article / blog is misleading. Giving lip back to your readers after misleading them is even worse.

People f*** up now and then. Its human. Instead of making excuses, sometimes its easier and better just to apologise.

DBergmark3232d ago

What I was doing was predicting the plans for the PS3 & PS4. It's labeled in the opinion category. I'm only presenting a logical explanation. If you can't see the truth in that, I don't know what to tell you.

The article was supposed to bring about logical discussion for what Sony is planning for the future of the Playstation brand through their consoles.

sjaakiejj3232d ago

I realize that, the point of my comment was that your title does not make it clear that the article is about your personal predictions. Instead, the article title implies that you already know what Sony's plans are.

Just listing it in the correct category isn't enough - you need to make sure the title conveys what the article is about concisely and accurately, whilst your current title is simply inaccurate and misleading.

Hicken3232d ago

If you were, indeed, predicting what their plans would be, you should have clearly stated that in the title of the article. People are going to see that far more quickly than "opinion" hidden away somewhere, and on the heels of a gaming convention where Sony has made announcements, some are likely to think they missed something, and so click on your article expecting to hear what Sony said they were planning at TGS.

Misleading title is misleading, and if it's accidental, there's no problem. But as fei-hung says, you come off as kind of a dick with this response.

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dboyman3233d ago

i'm worried is Sony waits too long for PS4, it will be as bad or worse than PS3, since the new Xbox and WiiU would be well established with games if the 2014 release is true. It would be harder for people to invest in a new console just starting out while the other next gen system have established investments by both gamers and developers...

Razmossis3232d ago

After this generation's bad start, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony already has the PS4 in working order and are using this time to design it to be as cost effective as possible to manufacture.

They will likely stay in the cost cutting phase until they catch wind of any substantial Xbox 720 related whispers. Cold War style waiting game.

dboyman3231d ago

Your probably right. Just hope that is what Sony is doing.

And it seems the disagree police has caught wind of my comments

Tonester9253233d ago

Did Sony say that the release of the PS3 is close? Until then no one knows

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