Sony announces PS Vita sequel to classic PS1 RPG 'Over My Dead Body'

Over My Dead Body was a great RPG on the PS1 that will now be receiving a full sequel on the PS Vita. The original game centered around a family of demon slayers who were cursed to live only two years on their journey to stop this affliction.

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NovusTerminus2316d ago

I... Have never heard of this game... But after some quick research... I have found almost nothing.

But from the Gameplay trailer, basic story details and seeing the art, I am interested in it. Will keep my eye of it!

sinncross2316d ago

Because it was a niche game that never left Japan. Look for Ore no shikabane instead.

You will discover that they remade the game for PSP (and is damn hard to find here T^T ).

The director wanted to make a sequel after the remake and seems like they are. Though, I really think Sony needs to give the original a PSN release for PSP/ PSV outside of Japan, else I doubt this one will leave Japan either, unfortunately.

AusRogo2315d ago

Sorry I hit disagree instead of agree! I agree, they should give it a ps1 classic release, looks quite interesting

DivineAssault 2316d ago

me either.. More RPGs are always welcomed tho.. Hell more games from any genre are..

Darth Stewie2315d ago

Fail they should have given a better game its long awaited sequel like The Legend of Dragoon 2 because it definitely has a bigger fan base and would make more money.

hkgamer2315d ago

never heard of this game.
doubt it will get released anywhere else.