Okami HD On PS3 & Street Fighter x Tekken Vita Coming In October, New Okami HD Trailer

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter x Tekken on the Vita will be coming three days later than previously announced.

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Snookies122223d ago

Dang, thought for a second Okami HD was coming to Vita as well...

-Mika-2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Oh great, Okami coming to the vita. This is great. That game was made for the Vita. I can't wait to play it.


Ya that was kind of misleading. I hope capcom brings it to the vita sometime in the future.

DivineAssault 2223d ago

Not for vita unfortunately.. only SFxT

BringingTheThunder2223d ago

why is it releasing so late in the month??? i wont have enough time for it with assassins creed

GuyManDude2223d ago

Fortunately I have the opposite problem. An October 30 release will give me enough time to get my fill of Borderlands 2.

Lucreto2223d ago

That trailer was full of spoilers.

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