Double Dragon: Neon (PSN) Review by Canadian Online Gamers

Canadian Online Gamers - "There’s no doubt that the Double Dragon series has been a great influence on the video game industry, which still remains true twenty five years later; but how does this classic 80′s hit measure up to modern day beat ‘em ups like Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ? California based developer WayForward Technologies sheds some florescent light on the subject with Double Dragon: Neon, a nostalgic remake for direct download on both Xbox Live and Playstation Network. When it comes to the reimaginings of our old favorite games, few developers have proven more qualified to add new flavor to aging classics then WayForward, producing award winning reboots like Contra 4, A Boy and His Blob and BloodRayne: Betrayal, all of which were critically acclaimed as successful tributes to their original predecessors. So I ask myself, does WayForward manage to capture our hearts again with their interpretation of the first Double Dragon? The answer is…maybe?"

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