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Nerd Reactor writes, "The Resident Evil 6 demo was available to the public yesterday for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I had a chance to check it out, and I wasn’t impressed."

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abzdine2223d ago

this game is garbage so does the demo. i'm so disappointed, once again

GrieverSoul2223d ago

Also disappointed!
When a game comes from a known franchise we expect some features to be there. RE was a survival horror and when I buy a RE title I expect a survival horror game. The mission with Leon was average at best. The character is wayyyy to close to the screen!

Chris mission was Modern Warfare 3 single player campaign in a third person view. Waayyyy too much action and clunky controls for it. Its not a RE title.

Is it a good game?! Sure! Might be but its not the type of game I wanna play right now. I wanted a RE, a survival horror. Save points, puzzles, item management and... *sigh* horror! Survival horror!

abzdine2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

I dont understand they just released Operation Racoon City pure action why do they keep on ruining the franchises like this ?

Before we had Resident Evil survivor horror and other spin-offs like Dead Aim and Outbreak but they have always been spin-offs and they should stay that way.

When i say this generation is the worst ever i meant it. They spit at the old fans face. i'll just not buy their shit but we still deserve a correct game for the oldschool fans cause action games i'm fed up with them.

F*** what's wrong with them ?

To all the RE fans like me, pleaaaase dont buy this one..pleaaaaaaase !

mi_titan272222d ago

I had the same experience, i also feel like RE has gone too far away from where it came from. If i want to play a FPS, ill play Call of Booty (i dislike that series), i actually started getting dizzy from the camera angles. Im actually hoping ZombiU for the WiiU will be what im looking for to fill the void RE has left.

SatyendraR2223d ago

The camera is way too close to the character, I started feeling dizzy the same way when I play 1st person shooting. The game is too fast.I like it a bit slow. It is not at all survival horror. RE ORC was a shooter game(Not real RE) and it received too much of negative reviews(It deserved it for not being the real RE), but I can tell it was way better than this shit!! Chris' and Jake's game sucked even more,they are more like call of duty games I think. The game is too bad and it is at it's final stage. I am not sure if they can improve upon it. At least fix the damn camera!! I loved the horror,the wait, and even inventory in RE 4 , You could examine and admire each weapon and you would have plenty of time to do it :). It sucks here. You can replace the zombie with some aliens or gangsters and the game remains same. So the game's name is Resident Evil but nothing seem to be scary evil here.

It's like I am shooting some goons here.The other parts of the game sucks too.

I don't think RE6 is for me., as I can't play 1st person games, and This one is similar to that (in spite of being 3rd person game).

-GametimeUK-2223d ago

I'm a fan of Resident Evil and I even liked Resident Evil 5, but the series has gone too far with this entry. Even as a full blown action game it sucks. I hate the weapons, shooting mechanics, cover system and enemies.

I did a test. My mother (who is quite a big game considering her age haha) saw me playing as Chris. I say "so, what game do you think this is?" She replies "Uncharted", then switches her choice to Resistance when she sees the zombie/creatures.

On the same campaign I asked my girlfriend and she replied "Uncharted?" Oh wait its "CoD". SHE ACTUALLY SAID COD!

Granted, their gaming knowledge isn't extensive, but my mother helped me complete Resident Evil when I was a child and knows about Resident Evil4 and 5. My girlfriend also has seen PS1 era games and Resident Evil 4.

For their conclusions to be such heavy action games obviously proves that this game is totally different to any Resident Evil game. Everyone should try this test on friends / relatives who are familiar with Resident Evil.

GrieverSoul2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Chris mission is modern warfare campaing with a third person view! That was my thought as soon as it popped!

GrahamGolden2223d ago

i smell a reboot after this failure

anw i will download the game just to play leon,i wont give my money to crapcom anymore

Tdmd2222d ago

As much as I wish you were right, I hardly think this will be a failure. At least not financially, anyway. People are bound to blindly make this a hit by brand alone. Just look at how RE5 sold - it's the best selling entry in this franchise! Most people buy brand, not quallity.

CynicalKelly2223d ago

During Resident Evil 3.5, they should have realised they could not successfully jump the franchise into the new generation and should have started a New IP.

All this hate for Resident Evil is understandable but I actually liked the demo.. or rather the foundation of the demo. I only played Leon's part but I liked the setting and the dark theme to it.

I did absolutely hate not being able to shoot Zombies on the ground just so they could grab me when I got close. The A.I seems too slow and stupid, even for old zombies and them melting away like Resi 5 is a no go.

The best way to get past this game is to try not to think of it like it's resident evil. The same way I treat the movies, just another zombie movie with no ties to my beloved game series. It's the best way to get past all the horrible things in the movies/games now.

Nerdmaster2222d ago

Exactly, you only played Leon's part. On Tuesday I played just that one too, then I went to sleep thinking it was good.

Yesterday I played Chris' part. What a letdown... A squad backing me up, every enemy using guns... Not Resident Evil at all. At least Jake's part is not as bad as Chris'. They should dump Chris', make Leon's the only campaign (and longer to make up for it) and unlock Jake's after the main game, to be just an extra.

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