The most promising Skyrim mod ever; Morrowind is coming to Skyrim's game engine with Skywind

DSOGaming writes: "Have you ever wondered what Morrowind would look like on Skyrim's updated game engine? Well, time to find out. Modder 'eloth' is working on a very promising mod for Skyrim that will bring Bethesda's old Elder Scrolls game, Morrowind, to it."

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OneAboveAll2218d ago

Going to look ugly because he's simply PORTING stuff from the old game. So it might have new textures but the models will still be low poly. Might want to work on that.

SuperStrokey11232217d ago

Jump right in and help him then.

OneAboveAll2217d ago

If it were using Unreal Engine i'd be more than happy. However it uses an engine I am unfamiliar with.

Perhaps he should post up on MODDB and ask for some assistance from other modders who actually know the engine, or someone who knows Maya or some form of other 3D modeling program?

claud32218d ago

Should just use the current engine and just make it better

MrAnderson2217d ago

I own Morrowind...if I wanna play Morrowind in Morrowinds game engine....i'll play Morrowind...

PiccoloGR2217d ago

You do realize that this mod brings Morrowind to Skyrim's engine, right?

MrAnderson2217d ago

I know what it does, it directly ports stuff, I don't see the point. remake assets, not reuse, or it will look like one game stuck next to another, it won't look right.

Perjoss2217d ago

You might be forgetting small details like more advanced lighting and better physics. These things have improved a great deal over the years. So yeah the game models and textures might be the same but there are bonuses.

sonicsidewinder2217d ago

Dumb down a good game with baby-mode gameplay? yeah?

Captain Qwark 92217d ago

may be time to start PC gaming, id lose my mind over that! morrowind is still my fav game ever despite not caring much for skyrim

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