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Muffins12232315d ago

Very very Epic,this rapes cod so much

dark-hollow2315d ago

No contest, but what the hell with this trend lately of playing shitty dubstep tracks in games trailers?

m232315d ago

These songs are from the Halo 4 Remix OST. Some of them are actually pretty good and not all are dubstep.

Goldenslaya2315d ago

Wish there were more! :p still nice vid

m232315d ago

Happy to see Carbine and Beam Rifle returning.

Allsystemgamer2315d ago

And it looks and sounds much better than before!!!!

GusBricker2315d ago

I must've missed MS moving up Halo 4's release date. That's cool.

robavila952315d ago

What are you talking about? It's still Nov. 6

GusBricker2315d ago

Oh, I thought it was the 21st.

Shrugs. Oh well.

Carl_Shocker2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Whats with the XP things coming up like +15 etc...since when has Halo had that

Don't say it took that from COD/Nearly every single online game....COME ON

Allsystemgamer2315d ago

It just adds the feeling of progression. While some may not like it, I do because it's a constant reminder that your bettering your character. But really there should be an option to turn off the prompts for those whom find it annoying.

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The story is too old to be commented.