Japanese Cell Phone Treasures: 5 Mobile Games We Won't Be Seeing

Mobile games are becoming an increasingly big business in North America. We're seeing companies that were heavily focused on Facebook games in the past shifting resources to mobile game development, and more and more big-name developers and franchises are entering the mobile space. Unsurprisingly, Japan was ahead of the curve in this regard; significant franchises have been getting cell phone-only games for years, from Final Fantasy to Mega Man.

Unfortunately for those of us outside of Japan, many of these titles are unlikely to ever end up being brought elsewhere for one reason or another -- legally, at least. That means the only opportunity many of us will ever have to play these games is to take a trip to Japan and pick up a phone (an old phone, specifically, in some cases). What follows is a brief look at five such mobile games that probably won't ever be released outside of Japan.

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