Starhawk Patch Info 1.4

A Starhawk patch 1.04 is due out next week , and include three new multiplayer modes: Arena, Assault, and Gatekeeper Check out the video:

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MrDead2272d ago

Oh hell yeah...and its all free!

andron2272d ago

Just finally got this and it's great fun...

VonBraunschweigg2272d ago

A patch:) Just like the new maps a few weeks ago, a mandatory free patch so everybody gets them day one they go online. Absolutely great. The community isn't the biggest in the world so instead of making a few bucks and deviding the players they decided to do it this way. Patches=) Keep-em coming.

I'm pretty much addicted to Starhawk online, it's the most fun, spectacular and diverse multiplayergame I played in a long time, and it looks like it will only get better & better. And free of charge.

Gordon_Shumway2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Was thinking of picking this up. Is the community still pretty active, are there a lot of full games all the time? Thanks on advance.

HammadTheBeast2272d ago

Pretty active, you can always find a full game. There's also lots of content and lots of different modes.

ginsunuva2272d ago

More people need to buy this game. What are people buying instead?

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