Yahoo! Games: Devil May Cry 4 Review

Yahoo! Games: "By now, most fans of the Devil May Cry series of action games have a well-honed sense of what a DMC game ought to have: Vast bosses, gothic style verging on the tongue-in-cheek, and a difficulty level that's so harsh, it could strip paint at 30 paces. Capcom's latest checks all these boxes, but it's far from the self-indulgent fan-service sequel you might be expecting. Devil May Cry 4 is a rare treat: it's a gamer's game that anyone can enjoy."

Pros: -Breath taking complex combat system.
-outstanding presentation.
-Will Last forever.
-Difficulty ramps up slowly.

Cons: Some minor camera issues.

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TheHater4327d ago

I will be playing this game tonight. I got it on Tuesday, but I had too much homework. But I don't have school tomorrow, so I might finish the game tonight.

Lord_Ash4327d ago

It will be helpful if you can tell us how long is the game, I have a few days off and I want to know if I can finish it before I go back to work.

picker3324327d ago

Lord_Ash the game is about 15hours.

Lord_Ash4327d ago

Thanks for the feedback, bubbles for you.