Take a Look at Some New Costumes in PS All-Stars

Players who got into the recently launched European beta for PlayStation All-Stars are reporting numerous bugs and issues and even some neat finds, such as the game’s main theme. However, one player’s finding is a lot neater and comedic in its own sense. - a look at some new costumes.

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-Mika-2222d ago

They don't look good at all. I hope the other costumes aren't as bad as this.

RmanX10002222d ago

Do you have like, anything positive to say? Like maybe "Oh cool they even took the time to do some more than a simple recolor."

sonic9892222d ago

you dont like anything about the nothing ZERO the theme the characters the costumes the supers the game's name
just dont comment on it if you hate it

sinncross2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

That is Sweet Tooth's (Needles Kane) Twisted Metal 3 costume:

Sweet! I wonder what extra costumes the others have.

-Mika-2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I guess it nice fan-service but im just not liking the costume.


Ewww she looks like a child. That honestly gross you thinking that way.

DigitalRaptor2222d ago

oh quiet you silly fangirl Mika.

at no point did crash say he wants to bang the princess. and he never will. kinda like Mario.

Muffins12232222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I would hope they would have to be locked at first because they already said the characters are all unlocked in the beginning....

smashcrashbash2222d ago

I like it. It makes Sweet Tooth look kind of hilarious.It's almost as if someone attempted to dress him up to look like a funny clown and he is pissed about it. BTW does anyone else notice that Fat Princess has nice rack?

WillGuitarGuy2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

"BTW does anyone else notice that Fat Princess has nice rack?"

Pros: Nice Rack

Cons: FAT

OT: I wonder how many alternate costumes there will be considering Fat Princess and Sweet Tooth will have 2 alternates including the preorder costumes.

Reverent2221d ago

It's only a con if you're not into that sort of thing;)

I'm not, just saying Lol.

Saturne32222d ago

sweet tooth looks like a clown with that costume...oh wait

majiebeast2222d ago

Cool im definatley buying the game. Played the crossplay beta on my vita last night and the game looks amazing on it and the controls are just tight. So awesome when you hit super 3 with Kratos and go on a all out killing spree.

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