Exclusive Interview with 'The Guardian Angel' aka Britanni Johnson - Borderlands Franchise has an exclusive interview with the ‘Guardian Angel’ portrayed by Britanni Johnson from the Borderlands series. She was present during the Borderlands 2 midnight launch at the GameStop in West Hollywood, CA signing copies of the game after its initial release. While gamers lined up for the game the ‘Guardian Angel’ answered various questions and engaged in conversations involving different topics about gaming including her favorite game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and more.

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TheSuperior 2222d ago

She's super cool, love her in the game and in person!


She is pretty awesome!!! and pretty hot too >.< no wonder why I was nervous!

SheaHoff2222d ago

What an awesome opportunity! Nice interview

banjadude2222d ago

[She's] MEGA CUTE. She was also part of Sony's E3 competition to win a Vita (Jtight and Skydiddy were there, too).

Despair6662222d ago

looks like everyone's getting a interview these days

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