Intrusion 2 Review (WikiGameGuides)

The first Intrusion released as a Flash game, but the side-scrolling action of Intrusion 2 contains enough ridiculous physics, retail polish, and creative art to excuse the $10 price.

The red scarfed protagonist parachutes into a snowy mountain base loaded with animal-like machinations and experimental mechs amid the detonations of nuclear missile strikes. Chaos reigns, pardoning any boilerplate narrative.

Intrusion 2 is the best type of game to set on Easy, then power through in a short, mind-blowing afternoon. An airship with vice-like arms, a femme fatale wielding a mortar-firing laser cannon, and a 200-foot Gundam ratchet up the insane set pieces. I haven’t even mentioned the absurdity of snowboarding down a mountain while ninjas and metal dragons give chase!

The physics showcase a wide range of humorous ragdoll animations. Soldiers and machines bend like double-jointed contortionists as you give them an explosive send-off. Splintered logs and boulders also become an excellent stepping stone to that out-of-reach cliff or a primitive means of enemy disposal.

If you need your daily injection of fun, Intrusion 2 is a much needed shot in the arm.

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