Can Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate break through in the U.S. and boost the Wii U at the same time?

Joystiq: "I just finished a viewing of the fabulous Shin Megami Tensei 4 trailer. In a month I'll be playing Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, and Dragon Quest X and Monter Hunter 3 Ultimate are set for the Wii U. Once again I'm reminded that Nintendo's platforms might not have all of the Japanese RPGs, but they have most of the good ones."

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eagle212315d ago

Monster Hunter Tri fans have been saying they are buying this day 1. They have packed so many hours in Tri and are being loyal to this title. I think it will be met positively. The sales boost to WiiU will ultimately (pun intended) be in Japan. It's getting bundled with WiiU. Serious effect. Maybe Nintendo of America will make Ultimate bundles as well as Bayonetta 2 bundles to boost sales in USA and EU.

PopRocks3592315d ago

I hope it does well. Monster Hunter is a fun series from what I've been told. Plus it would give Capcom grounds to localize Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS which I've heard looks amazing.

mi_titan272315d ago

If you will be able to play multiplayer between 3DS and WiiU, that would be fantastic, especially if you can connect with only game in the WiiU, via local multiplayer

SpoonyRedMage2315d ago

Both games can play locally together but only the Wii U version has online AFAIK.