IBM shrinks Cell to 45nm. Cheaper PS3s will follow

At an ISSCC session yesterday afternoon, IBM announced details of a smaller, lower-power version of the Cell BE processor that powers Sony's Playstation 3. The Cell BE is currently fabricated on IBM's 65nm SOI process, but IBM will soon move the console chip onto the company's much-ballyhooed, next-generation 45nm high-k process.

The 45nm Cell will use about 40 percent less power than its 65nm predecessor, and its die area will be reduced by 34 percent. The greatly reduced power budget will cut down on the amount of active cooling required by the console, which in turn will make it cheaper to produce and more reliable (this means fewer warrantied returns). Also affecting Sony's per-unit cost is the reduction in overall die size. A smaller die means a smaller, cheaper package; it also means that yields will be better and that each chip will cost less overall.

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cooke154330d ago

maybe they should figure out how to make games look better on ps3 before they worry about the size of its processor.

Rikitatsu4330d ago

that Uncharted is the best looking Console game... Trash Multi-plat games doesn't matter ... since the good multi-pat gamers are better on PS3 ... Burnout paradaise . DMC4 . COD4 , Oblivion etc..

Iamback4330d ago

When 360 produces graphics like Rachet, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Killzone 2 than we can have discussion, until then pst!

cellypower4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Are you joking? Your talking nonsense.

leon764330d ago

Cooke, are you a mushroom???

ruibing4330d ago

Even if you are running of out ways to insult the PS3, you should at least pick a better one than that.

Let's compare Lost Odyssey to Uncharted in their graphics and engine. Lost Odyssey is based on the Unreal Engine, framerate issues, and 20-30 sec load times between just about every battle or area transition (according to IGN). Uncharted is based on an engine built by Naughty Dog from scratch using C++ versus LISP that they are used to, has no framerate problems from my experience with it, and has absolutely no load times between any areas its a seamless experience.

A much better issue to pick with the PS3 would have been longer development time, but certain developers have even managed to get around that. Insomniac is able to churn out one AAA title every year.

AllroundGamer4330d ago

the average brain of a casual Nintendo fanboy...

Bathyj4330d ago

Sad, sad little man.

1st party Sony games sh*t all over 1st party M$ games graphically. All you you have to cling to are minor differences in poorly ported 3rd party trash. When dont right with games like CoD4 or Burnout, the PS3 version is just as good or better.

Offer an opinion when you grow up to be a real gamer.

TheHater4330d ago

stop eating all that mushroom dude. It bad for your health.

darkside4330d ago

maybe nintendo should worry about their third party developers.
Because most 3rd party games (98%) are $hit.

PSWe604330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

This coming from a guy who probably owns a Wii

Iron Man 24329d ago

STFU cooke15,go play with your Wii you Wii-tard,look at this kids comment history,PATHETIC!;)

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mighty_douche4330d ago

Oh, cheaper playstations? according to n4g that means Sony is deperate and ripping off customer right?

im outraged, i bought mine at launch at had to pay more! who knew things became cheaper over time?!!

....enough sarcasm i believe...

Blankman4330d ago

Am not the type 2 have 2 of 1 console but if sony tosses out a slim i gotta get get it.

hazeblaze4330d ago

Well, I don't think you all should expect any price cuts just yet. I doubt Sony will cut the price before the holiday UNLESS Microsoft has a price drop first. The PS3 is selling well, it would make sense for Sony to continue selling at the current price value, recoup costs, and then do a MAJOR price drop for the holiday.

masterg4330d ago

I think Sony will make a price cut just before GTA4.
Sony is selling well right now and the latest US numbers only show a small gap up to the 360.
This is the year for Sony to truly excel compared to the 360. With the game line-up plus a price cut Sony would over take the US as well.

Sure people might say that the 360 will cut the price as well. But you have to keep in mind that the further down the price goes the less effective the price cut is. With a $300 PS3 the 360 would have to go to $200 to keep up. $250 would not be enough. $50 extra for Blu-ray and a much better game line-up would make it hard to justify a 360 purchase.

Tempist4329d ago

Well I'll be... I said way back that to get a slimmer PS3 (when the rumor mill started churning out that) you would need a 45nm processor, and well, here it is. The next step to getting to a slim PS3 is a 65 or 45nm RSX chip.

Still, a slim PS3 is no 2008 or even mid 2009 release. They'll have to burn the current models from inventory before they can even consider a redesign. And to add on that they released a white and silver model.

I'll state this now however, by 2010 a slim PS3 will be out. Hardware computability might be re-integrated with the PSTwo's hardware.

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THE_JUDGE4330d ago

no one will be complaining about how expensive it is. I doubt that we will see an immediate impact but in a couple of years we will see it for sure.

mighty_douche4330d ago

i doubt we'll be seeing any huge price drops like that anytime soon. But correct me if im wrong, that means less heat produced? we know that Sony (+others) have made great advancements in shinking down the Blu-Ray drives, so perhaps there is some truth to the slimmer/lighter PS3....

TheExecutive4330d ago

Well maybe not immediately but I think that will be the price point this holiday season...

mighty_douche4330d ago

oh, yeah i agree, theres little doubt there.

The only reason i dont see it anytime soon as at its current price its still outselling the 360.

TheExecutive4330d ago

well, it also depends on what MS does. I really think that they will slash the price of the 360 before GTA4 in order to try and get more people to buy the console. If they do this it may force Sony to do the same... time will tell, this allows some wiggle room either way.

desolationstorm4330d ago

I dont know if $299 will happen right away, but you are right it will be in response to Microsoft. If rumors are true they will do a cut for GTAIV so I think sony would have to do something. Id be more willing to bank on getting a DS3 pack in and maybe a game before another price cut. Who knows though, but if Microsoft does a $50 pricecut I could see Sony following its not as much as a $100 but it keeps them close and isnt a huge drop.

TheHater4330d ago

if there is a 299 ps3, then I can see it competing with the Wii

whengeeksgobad4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

the die shrink is great news and it could mean cheapers ps3s that produce less heat, but its not just as simple as, "alright lets make em smaller now!" Manufacturing processes are as such that it would take MONTHS to get plants mass producing them whilst stepping away from the 90nm/65 they are at currently. At any rate, its how things get cheaper, but probably not for a while.

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Amnesiac4330d ago

Who cares about price, I just want a Ps3 slim.