Who should be your "go to" retail business for your gaming needs?

The gaming industry is at its peak and we have seen many retailers come and go through the years. The industry is different by today's standards as pre-orders seem to dominate the industry.

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Emilio_Estevez2221d ago

Those 2 you said yes to are the ones I use most.

PopRocks3592221d ago

I only use Gamestop because my local one has pretty cool management. They tell their customers about all the pre-orders and deals and whatnot, but they don't ever throw it in my face. The employees are actually really cool people, so I tend to ignore the hatred that the chain receives.

Beyond that, a lot of my games come from Amazon, particularly its marketplace.

ninjabake2221d ago

Anyone but Gamestop. There is sooooo many problems with the retailer as a whole. Personally I prefer Amazon as I can buy new and Retro stuff all in the same place without waiting in line or dealing with a clerk annoying me with preorder offers and getting mad at me if I want to cancel a preorder. So for me its Amazon for online and mom-and-pop game shops for in-store.

AznGaara2221d ago

BestBuy for new games and Amazon for bargain bin and discounted games. I even go on Ebay when I want older games because I prefer Black Label over Greatest Hits editions and I like how I can see a picture of the game, case, manual.

Scenarist2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

whatever is most convenient and has what im looking for... at the best price

my spot just so happend to be target in most cases... if they dont have something ...then i go to gamestop since its the next closest.... the only time i go to bestbuy is when they have the best deals or i need something in particular from that store

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