The Digital Revolution: How Consumers Are Driving the Future of Games Retail

What's going to happen to brick-and-mortar game retailers as the industry grows more and more digital?

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Candy12217d ago

Especially by paying £20 for Borderlands 2 season pass.

BrutallyBlunt2217d ago

Physical media is not going away anytime soon. However the amount of digital content available has been growing steadily and many games now can only be purchased through digital means.

The problem for companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft is they need retailers still. They need them to sell hardware and gamers still want physical games. Sony tried to change that somewhat with the PSP Go and failed. Gamers are not ready to drop physical media just yet but the industry is going in that direction whether people like it or not.

Candy12217d ago

This then defeats the point of the 720 going discless anytime soon I hope too.

BrutallyBlunt2216d ago

I don't think consumers are ready just yet and i also don't think they have the infrastructure in place either. Steam can do it because they don't rely on retail to sell hardware and because there isn't that big of a mark-up on hardware those stores make most of their money through software. Especially used software and trade-ins.

Candy12216d ago

That's nice to know though I just hope the online pass (in some new games) is a publishers way of reducing sales lost through trade-in software and not a rebound reason for Microsoft to restrict used games on their coming console. I can't gather why seasonal passes are increasing in cost when serial dlc is unforeseeable and at times cosmetically superficial.