Horizon not out to challenge Gran Turismo or Forza

Forza Horizon is coming to Xbox in October, but developer Playground games has a hard sell convincing those who have negative views on Forza 4 that this is a new game entirely. There is also a sense that Horizon being its own game is not a participant in the Grand Turismo, Forza rivalry. It fits somewhere else entirely.

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StraightPath2224d ago

gran turismo got along way to go to even be mentioned with forza. look at forza games metacritic compared to gt5 metacritic and its prolouges and gt4 and portables ones. just destroyed it. gt6 got alot to learn.

Dante1122224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

I wonder why Forza 3 or 4 didn't sell as much as GT5 if it's somehow better? I also like how your logic differs from the logic you had on NPD, fiscal report sales of the 360 and the Halo series ("People vote with their money on which system is better and as you see here...", "Killzone sales..Halo sales", etc), FordGTGuy.

Edit: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue even sold more than Forza 3 and 4.

2pacalypsenow2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

@StraightPath HAHAHAHAHA

CernaML2224d ago

Yet Gran Turismo will always destroy it in popularity and relevance. Polyphony Digital doesn't need to worry about anything when they release their next game. The competition should. :P

Turn 10 play it too safe. They need to show some ambition and not release the same game every 2 years.

SilentNegotiator2224d ago

GT got judged a million times harder than Forza.

mcstorm2224d ago

Dante112 so by your logic the best game. This gen is wii sports because its sold the most? Or COD is better than ever . FPS game out there. Or even the iphone is the best phone on the market because its sold more?

Sales dont = quality or mean its better than anything else on the marlet.

GT5 sold well because it is a known and an established IP tha has a massive fan base. I am a massive GT fan owned every GT game PD have given us and even i can see GT5 was a big mess when it came out and was far from finished and that is why we got 2.0 a year after release.

I give PD all the credit for updating the game since it was released but even now it is still unfinished but as most GT fans know it was not PDs fauld it was a mess it was sonys because the forced PD to release the game early.

As for Forza 4 being the better game i think it is in its all round game because it was finished and yes its missing things like night racing, weather ect but everything feels quality in the game and the online is unrivaled for what it offers from GT.

Im sure PD will not make the same mistake with GT6 as 5 because of the way the fans still backed a unfinished game.

As for forza horizon I cant wait to pick this game up. Ive wanted a new project Gotham racing for a few years now and this is looking like it will be the new pgr game and from what ive seen it may even be better.

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Kratos_GodOfWar2224d ago ShowReplies(4)
ChunkyLover532224d ago

That is what I like to hear, see this is why I say Horizon is its own IP, they aren't competing with Forza Motorsport or any other racer. I like it when companies do things their own way and don't try and copy or beat anything else.

Really looking forward to this one.

NukaCola2224d ago

So this is an open world racer? As in fully open or open across America but linear like the run?

I really think it could be fun just to drive for the hell of it. I'm sure there will be an achievement for driving like 10,000 or something.

Also, I agree it's cool they are making a new IP in their universe. Branching out is always a great choice. I wonder if new cars introduced in Horizon will be playable in F4 or visa versa.

sGIBMBR2224d ago

I make my own review I like gt more then forza'

Hey, if GT5 is your cup of tea, then more the power to you! Just don't go forcing it down peoples necking yelling "THE KING OF RACERS" Everyone has a different definition of a good racing game! For me GT5 wasn't it!

hennessey862224d ago

I love playing Forza 4 and GT5 and I will be getting horizon, true sim racers don't care about the platform a games on.

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