New, slimmer, more expensive: Sony’s decision not to compete this holiday season

Ben Kuchera writes: "Sony hasn’t been afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to pricing; the PlayStation 3 was the most expensive current generation system at launch, and the new PlayStation 3 hardware unveiled last night at the Tokyo Game Show is more evidence of the company’s insensitivity to pricing."

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GribbleGrunger2317d ago

I'm still not sure about the 'more expensive' argument. Sony have now said that they no longer have a RRP, so it's down to retailers to decide the price. Again, let's just wait and see

yesmynameissumo2317d ago

The more expensive argument is just for attention and to try and (as usual) paint Sony in a negative light. I think a game, 90 additional gigs and $30 of Dust514 content (for $20 more than a 160GB PS3 with nothing additional) is a value.

GribbleGrunger2317d ago

Well that's why I said let's wait and see. It appears that the price was for a bundle and not a standalone.

Ben_Grimm2317d ago

Funny don't you think...

Multiple articles on N4G about the new slim model PS3. And I do mean multiple, in fact that is all the rage at the top of the N4G page. And it's understandable even though a new WiiU system is coming out.

Yet no where in there are people spewing "the media is biased"?

Yet multiple articles about anything negative about Sony and then it turns into "the media is biased".

I can't understand why that is.

darthv722317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

but i wouldnt mind picking up "slim and slimmer" to add to collection.

yesmynameissumo2317d ago

I think you don't understand why that is because no one here has said the media is biased.

StanSmith2317d ago

In regards to SCEJ and SCEA, they are offering a good deal on these.

When it comes to SCEE, they aren't. In the UK, SCEE has allowed retailers to sell the 12gb model at the current 160gb model price and the 500gb model at the 320gb price. The 12gb model is a rip off while the 500gb model is good value for money.

SCEE doesn't know it's arse from it's elbow. Wished SCEJ/SCEA ran the EU side of SCE.

sikbeta2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )


New models are @ higher price than current models based on retailers prices, with deals and all that stuff and current slim is cheaper than the new ones, also from the new models some untis like the 12GB and the 250GB are more expensive

Everyone expected at least the 12GB to compete with the X360 4GB unit @ lower than $199

Pintheshadows2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

@Stan Smith.

It seems Sony UK learned everything they know about numbers and pricing from this.

live2play2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

oh boo hoo painting sony in a negative light waa waaaah :'(

come on dude you make it sound like nintendo and xbox do not get any flack

all 3 get flack

i just joked about how nintendos online was too advanced the human mind couldnt comprehend...
i got freaking bubbled down for trolling...!
and they were talking about nintendo

that should show you which company is hated more around here

live2play2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )


CernaML2317d ago

Oh lord... another tin foil hat wearing Sony fanboy police.

Looking at you Ben_Grimm.

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yewles12317d ago

Because a $400 Halo 4 Bundle and $300 8GB Wii U are A-Okay as long as it's not "the other guys"...

Xof2317d ago

I really doubt we'll see many deals from retailers, aside from's traditional $0.04 discount.

But yeah, it's not 'more expensive' from any perspective. It's a lot cheaper for Sony to produce, and it's being sold to consumers for the same price... but with more actual value.

MastaMold2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Doom, doom, doom Sony is doomed, new slim doomed, doom, doom, doom this is fun

Sent from my PS Vita

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TheKayle2317d ago

slim version r made to be cheap....not to have the same or more price tag.....another big marketing fail but we r now used to this from sony

fabod862317d ago

where sir? in the land where companies sells goods to have no profit? ù.ù
uhm... yea lol

DarkTower8052317d ago

Slims are made to be cheaper for the manufacturer to make, not always for the consumer to buy. It's no secret Sony of trying to dic itself out of a hole, this slim will do that by increasing profits for them.

fabod862317d ago

finally someone that ca see over his nose... nice ;)

TheKayle2317d ago

yeah read the unboxing from ign...nice one man

2317d ago
kma2k2317d ago

My thinking when seeing the price was if you offer a low price now what can you drop it to for the holidays? Its not out of the question that sony drops the price for black friday (which they normally dont) but they could & keep it there.

CommonSenseGamer2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Think of how much more expensive the Vita would appear to the general consumer if the PS3 cost even less. Get a PS3 with LBP2 for less than a Vita! Not sure that would have the desired effect Sony is probably looking for this xmas.

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