Tekken producer on Wii U online: "I don't understand it"

"One unanswered question has been lingering in the air since Nintendo’s big coming out party for the Wii U last week: How will the online infrastructure be an improvement over past Nintendo consoles (if at all)? Developers must know, right? Well, apparently not.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Director Katsuhiro Harada didn’t sound like he had confidence in Nintendo’s new online system, during a round table interview at Namco Bandai HQ. When asked about how the Wii U's online infrastructure will compare to that offered on 360/PS3, Harada responded:", writes Destructoid.

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samtheseed2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

These thick bastards sensationalised Hadara YET AGAIN. He actually said "I don't FULLY understand it".

The games press needs vetting and held to account for twisting something into something totally different and unrelated, they obviously cannot be trusted left to their own devices.

ninjabake2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Honesty is overrated. Who needs to put an honest headline when a negative one is guaranteed to get hits! (Sarcasm)

secretcode2222d ago

Sadly, that is the way journalism as a whole is.

OhMyGandhi2222d ago

no, he said, "The Wii U is unbelievable! their pizza is awful! buy my book!"

ronin4life2222d ago

I thought Nintendo pizza was the best pizza....



memots2222d ago

hmmmmm pizza .... aaaaarrrrrrrrlllllll

MasterCornholio2222d ago

Pizza with magic mushrooms?

Dont do drugs kids it isnt cool.


kneon2222d ago

I don't mind the weird spotted mushrooms but I draw the line at the turtle pepperoni

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ConstipatedGorilla2222d ago

Here's his full quote: "Not quite sure at this point. I don't fully understand it. We’re still working with Nintendo to find out about their network."

He was asked how it compares to 360/ps3's online service.

I take this to mean he doesn't know how the infrastructure will be laid out with friends and the whole community, not simply competing online.

cleft52221d ago

This is exactly why I don't trust reviews anymore. Most gaming press simply cannot be trusted to be professional.

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DivineAssault 2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

let the excuses & justification begin.. How is a game launching that has online & the producer doesnt know if its any better than wii??

Look ppl, i have love for nintendo but they arent speaking on these critical matters.. Its one of 2 things, (A) theyre hiding its flaws or (B) they expect everyone to assume its better than before... Being that many ppl bought the wii before, u would think they would be boasting to them on why its online is much better.. Its too fishy to me to believe them anymore..

samtheseed2222d ago Show
ronin4life2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

This guy has misspoke/been misunderstood about the wiiu several times already, with most instances been taken out of context.

The online infrastructure is fine, but certain details are uncertain is what he is trying to say.

Though the fact that he is involved in this for as long as he has been and there are still unanswered questions is understandably disconcerting ...

Baka-akaB2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Sounds more like you are looking for excuse to bash it . The guy only said he doesnt fully understand the wii u's online YET .

Not that he had any particular issues . Funny how that part aint quoted " Harada emphasized that the netcode will be as solid as those of competing systems"

DivineAssault 2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

nah man, im looking for an excuse to buy it actually.. Just cant find one..

Im looking at FACTS.. Not potential & not what might happen.. No1 knows much about how online for it works.. I see Bayonetta 2 coming which is good.. But theres only a few new core games coming 3rd party.. Sure theres lots of ports but alot is missing.. Just cuz i wanna wait it out doesnt rule out me buying one.. Ima wait til theres something i want 1st & the network features are fully broken down before jumping in.. The wii & 3DS both have online but i like to communicate with teammates when playing.. $400+ is a lot of money for me to throw at nintendo for a console, games, HDD, accessories, etc when i dont want any of it.. I cant assume they will get it right anymore

Baka-akaB2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

And you are while looking out for such silly out of context quote ? good job , i'm sure you'll find them -_-

WiiUalpha2222d ago

Pretty much dead on. I posted some of his responses earlier . He thinks pretending to want one will fool everyone.

Baka-akaB2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I love the edit ... you are looking at facts , again by being so receptive and reactive to conjectures based on innacurate quotes ?

Again good job .

It's a compeltely different matter altogether to be saying that you want more infos .

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nintendojunkie282222d ago

"Look ppl,i have love for nintendo"

Really?...You sure had me fooled.

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Rampaged Death2222d ago

I don't think Nintendo doesn't understand it either.

beerkeg2222d ago

I think Nintendo understand that some don't understand that they understand it. It's understandable. Hopefully in the future we will all understand what isn't understandable after the time when we don't understand it.

We should stand up and make a stand. But not a handstand. That would be inappropriate.

rainslacker2221d ago

lol...that post gave me a headache and I think you created a space time rift on the internet.

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