1UP Previews: Hot Shots Golf 5

1UP writes:

"As the series' fifth console game in 10 years (spanning three generations of PlayStations), Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds doesn't look to drastically re-imagine the formula; for better or worse, what we've seen so far clings fiercely to the straightforward mechanics that made the original a splash so many years ago, while embracing the incorporation of online play, and making sure to look just good enough to keep you happy."

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NegativeCreepWA4321d ago

No voice chat online is a major let down. I'm still getting it though.


dont care , another one on my list ....will online be global ?

scotthea3114320d ago

I'd rather hear the sounds of the game as opposed to the sounds of some moron trying to sing some stupid song or listening to a damn baby crying in the background. If they do include chat, it should have a mute function or should be push-to-talk and not open mic. Will be picking this game up either way.

ban fans4320d ago

I'm looking forward to this one. Voice chat, I think, would just be annoying unless you were only playing with friends and people you know. If you tried just going on there and playing against some one randomly, I have a feeling you would have to wade through a lot of obnoxious people.