Namco Bandai Release New English Screenshots for Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia is headed to the Playstation 3 in PAL Regions and America next year.

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OhMyGandhi2223d ago

Get! Want! When! How! Is! Will Not! Stop!

Blastoise2223d ago

Screenshots are all well and good but hows about a release date?

Pintheshadows2222d ago

PAL region! Hurrah, we tend to get ignored alot when it comes to these kind of games. I've looked on jealously before as JRPG's get a NA release but Europe is left out.

Import is then the only real way to go.

leahcim2222d ago! I was really hoping for this I actually am enjoying Tales of Graces F so much and XILLIA is a natural evolution to this already awesome game!

tarbis2222d ago

Can't wait for this. =D