Devil May Cry Review

The guys at have been playing Devil May Cry 4 this week. Is the game as fun as the first DMC episode, or does it leave us wanting like the second and third game installments...?

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SuperSaiyan44325d ago

I have only been playing a bit and WOW the visuals are awesome!!!

Its amazing how the Xbox 360 version is soo superior graphically.

Kain814325d ago

if you will bash than go to the other zone for Kidz like you
leave the realy Gamers alone.

power of Green 4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I know you own both consoles but what you said is boarderline flame.

darkshiz4325d ago

IGN said both are equal with PS3 being better barely.

Both are pretty equal then.

Flamebait statement.

power of Green 4324d ago

Whats the difference from what he said and what you said. He forms his opinions from his consoles and you from IGN.

Both are equal but one is slightly better doesn't even make any sense.

I'll wait the extra 2 seconds if thats what you're saying. Nothing else has been said considering the reviewer was being honest.

darkshiz4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

POW gtfo already and stop trying to make the flame go further.
It's IGN they are more creditable then your fanboy statements.
These are un biased website that gives where's credit is due and during the bad ports of PS3 they subtract off score.

More credit then your ass.

Do you even have this game huh?

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tatotiburon4325d ago

This game is amazing, i never played DMC before but now i mus thanks capcom to bring this title to xbox 360. I played the first two misions and the boss of mission 2 is really cool, the gameplay is fantastic, nice game capcom good work

ygxbrayzie4325d ago

Hehe i finished the game already :)


i will prob get it in the back for this, but i was playing it all night last night and i just didn't think much off it.

i prob would give it a 7.5 or so, its not really bad or anything but other then eye candy i find nothing next gen about it.

The environments are so static, ya they look nice but just nothing atmospheric about them at all. The same music every time you get into a fight, come on Mix it up a bit !

I am sorry, but i think NG 2 will be much better, infact i think NG sigma was better.

and the camera angles, my god they are frustrating. I played a little bit of DMC3, and even that got my attention a lot more then his does.

And whats with the dude with the glass eye piece, he almost looks like the same badguy out of lost planet. i mean it looks like they have used the same basic character model for him.

its ok, but i was expecting more, a lot more !

this will be out the door as quick as it came in !