New PS3 Slim starts at £185 in the UK

Sony's new 'super slim' PS3 will retail at £185 at HMV stores across the UK, the retail group has told CVG.

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Muerte24942272d ago

I'm wondering why they aren't releasing this version in the US. This would benefit Sony more if they were to go into the holidays with something like this.

BrutallyBlunt2272d ago

Agreed. North America is the market they should be the most aggressive in. Not only is it the largest market but it's also the market they need to do better in.

BrutallyBlunt2272d ago

Hmm, i get 2 disagrees yet no reason why? So are those people saying that the PS3 is doing well in North America and doesn't need to improve? Are they suggesting North America isn't the largest market when if you add up all systems sales in each region it actually does show North America in the lead?

What a strange place where even if you write something true you still get phantom disagrees. Either they don't like hearing the truth or they just like hitting disagrees for something to do. Maybe it's just personal.

ABizzel12271d ago


What you said was true, and I don't know why you received disagrees. The only thing I can think of is Europe is where Sony's performing the best so that's where they're sending the console to first.

Sony is performing well in the US, but when you compare their success with MS and Nintendo then they're down by nearly 15million consoles.

These PS3 SS should have made worldwide launches at $199 and $249 or $299 (IMO the 250GB & 500GB together is a waste of 12GB's they could be selling. The 250GB isn't needed when you can double the space for $50 more, and I'm sure the 500GB is more profitable than the 250GB console).

It's insane to miss out on Black Friday sales in the US as well. Millions of consoles are bought at that time, and with an entry price of $199 the 12GB PS3 SS would have been the hot item along with the Wii U.

While they're at it Sony needs to make a pseudo Wii-U by bundeling a 250GB PS3, PS Vita, 1 month subscription to PS+ for $399 ($50 more than the Wii-U).

So much opportunity wasted.

BrutallyBlunt2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )


There will be PS3 sales for Black Friday but i do agree that there should have been an official price drop. What this model shows me is just how financially bad Sony is in. Sub-$200 is the magic number. That's where most sales occur from and the PS3 is already 6 years old going on 7 with the cheapest model still being $249.

I expect more focus on getting back profits a quick solution to a lengthy problem. I don't see this new Slim model doing much at all.

Microsoft tried desperately to get the Japanese gamer but failed miserably. It's just a totally different region and it looks like they are no longer being very pro-active there. They did do one important thing though, that is get Japanese developers to support the system. Lots of Japanese content sells well overseas and the XBOX360 is just too successful outside of Japan to ignore.

Sony needs to remain focused on America. It's too big of a region to fall behind in. One that Sony used to dominate. They also aren't failing like Microsoft has in Japan. So to me that is one key area they need to be more aggressive. Problem is Sony still runs out of Japan. You have a company who remains very hardened in the Japanese culture. Satoru Iwata from Nintendo had to make a difficult decision with the 3DS and make a drastic cut in price. Sony seems adamant on not doing the same with the Vita. Nintendo knows they have to change their way of thinking going forward. The question is, will Sony and can Kaz Hirai get people within Sony to start thinking differently? He has a huge challenge in front of him. It's almost like getting the people in Greece to understand they have no money.

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Anon19742272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Perhaps they have another announcement in store for the North American version of the 12gb model? It doesn't make sense to me that this model would skip the US. In fact, that would be downright brain dead on Sony's part. Not that Sony hasn't made their share of blunders in the past, but skipping the US with the cheapest model? That would be a huge mistake.

Lvl_up_gamer2272d ago

I agree.

I think Sony is just preparing a different bundle for North America.

They know where the largest market is. They are a multi billion dollar corporation. They are just going through marketing to determine the best value at the best price right now for North America that is beneficial to their overall goal of making a profit.

It will come. Especially before the holiday season. Europe is probably just easier right now to ship to and get the units in the retail stores.

Ryo-Hazuki2272d ago

I personally think they are testing the market out with the 12 GB PS3. If it's successful in Europe which it will be then it will come to other territories

MrDead2272d ago

With this low price and the Harry Potter wonderbook coming out I can see this selling like cakes that have just come out of the oven.

abzdine2272d ago

and the new Spyro for kids too.. But normal slim costs this price for a 160GB where i live.

Nelson M2272d ago

Put me down for a couple !!

taquito2272d ago

last gen ps3/360's are 8 year old tech, they should cost $99 tops

ipe2272d ago Show
Christopher2271d ago

2005 + 8 = 2013
2006 + 8 = 2014

Yup, 8 year-old tech.

taquito2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

the tech in the 360 was well over a year old when it released, they didnt magically create the hardware the day it released

so lets be generous and say 2004 tech in the 360 and 2005 in the ps3, well, its 2013 in like 3 months do the math, wait, i better

8 YEAR OLD TECH is being generous to the 360

some kids are so touchy.

the guts of a 360 are getting close to 9 trashy years, the ps3 getting close to or already at 8

vhs era crap

Christopher2271d ago

The tech in the 360 was being used at the point that it was released. That made it 'current' tech. Sure, it was in development before that, but so were GPUs and the like just being released now.

They represent tech available at the time of release and were also available in computers at that same time.

No one "magically creates hardware the day it is released" but we still say it's tech for the time that it was released. It's not like the 360 or PS3 were using tech that was widely used a year before hand. Neither of them were.

Hicken2271d ago

cgoodno has a point. By your logic, all your PC stuff is actually years old, as well, as they're in development for years before they hit the market.

The same goes with all new tech, in that case; we're never using current tech, but always outdated stuff, because "current" tech is being designed while we use what we use.

... which is why "current" refers to "currently available," and not currently the newest thing developed.

Saturne32272d ago

£185 is something like 230€.

200€ is where it should be.

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