Lego Indy: First concrete details

CVG writes:

"We very nearly fell of our chairs in shock when LucasArts confirmed Lego Indiana Jones. You see, literally only days before we'd been discussing how utterly excellent it'd be if the whip-cracking archaeologist got the same treatment as Star Wars. Thank you, LucasArts, from the bottom of our gaming hearts."

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M_Prime4321d ago

sounds cool. I still wanna pick up LEGO STARWARS COMPLETE SAGA. I played some of the GC stuff and now i just wanna own it all but i'm waiting for it to come down in price (used) right now i got NO MORE HEREOS.

Plus i'll need something fresh in the summer to play in my down time so i figure why not get a LEGO GAME and to be honest they are a ton of fun. When i start playing i just wanna see what happens next. but at my cousins i always have to play with someone and sometimes i wish i could play alone so i could have all the characters to myself.

Now i also wanna play Indiana Jones too :-)