CastleMiner Z Breaks Sale Records on Xbox Live

CastleMiner Z has set the record for the best-selling Xbox Live indie game ever. DigitalDNA announced today that the indie co-op survival horror game has sold over 1 million units since its release just over 10 months ago on November 9 2011.

You can check a gameplay video of the game below!

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ZoyosJD2247d ago

Minecraft FPS using avatars...really no originality...of course it broke sales records.

Welshy2247d ago

Wow! really?

Not only is this a horrid rip-off of both Minecraft and DayZ, but the gameplay itself and avatar/enemy visuals look terrible.

COD: Best selling AAA title in the gaming industry.
CastleMiner Z: Best selling indie game on Xbox 360.

Sweet jesus, what is the world coming to -_-

humbleopinion2247d ago

The thing is: no game before Castleminer Z offered the combination of Minecraft like exploration with zombie survival mode (which wasn't even invented by DayZ).
Many good games are all about mixing old mechanics to create new gameplay: isn't Draksiders a Zelda+GOW ripoff? Isn't Uncharted a Tombraider+Gears ripoff? And yet both games are the on top of their respective genres. Castleminer Z is pretty decent considering the very low asking price.

Welshy2247d ago

Mixing mechanics and influences is one thing, but this is a full on blatant Minecraft rip-off with zombies and guns shoehorned in.

Look at the UI, the environments, the crafting system etc.

I'm all for the mixing of mechanics, as you listed above, Uncharted is great blend of Gears and Lara, but not blatantly appearing or playing like either, it has it's own identity and makes the mixture of machanics its own.

There's a major difference between influence and blatant rip off that some people fail to recognise.

Welshy2246d ago


Oh.... and bear with me on this... you fight existing zombies that are already in real minecraft! so yes, "Minecraft-like exploration with zombie survival" actually IS Minecraft.

But wait... this may blow your mind... Minecraft actually has MORE enemies to survive against than CastleminerZ, therefor, you get actually get less of a survival element plus creative mode!

I know, take a sec to absorb all that common sense and logic.

humbleopinion2246d ago

When a game is a "balant ripoff" with zombies and guns shoehorned in, it's not a ripoff anymore because the mechanics changed.
Do you consider Minecraft to be a dwarf fortress ripoff with 3d graphics shoehorned in? Do you find Uncharted a gears ripoff with platforming and cinematic actions shoehorned in?

I agree that the original CastleMiners was pretty much a ripoff, but the utilization of guns VS zombies in CMZ add enough to make the game pretty different from Minecraft in terms of mechanics. And to the best of my knowledge this was released before the official survival mode in the commercial release of minecraft.

HK62245d ago

I find it funny that you say it is a DayZ "rip-off" when CastleMiner Z released two and a half months before DayZ.

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Perjoss2247d ago

Guys go easy on them, its an indie title and it costs around £2. Notch already said that he likes he fact that people copy Minecraft. If its not for you then move on I guess, but the fact that its selling really well shows that there is demand for stuff like this.

Blankman852247d ago

Why's everyone so mad? If you don't like the game, let the million who do enjoy it while you play some other game.

Hicken2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

But if it was Sony doing it, you'd never let it go. Hell, Sony only has to take part of a concept, and to you it's a copycat. And even when they acknowledge the inspiration, it doesn't matter.

Indie devs are, supposedly, all about innovation and new ideas and so on. This "game," which is obviously little more than a rip-off of something else, breaks XBLA records, but nobody should say anything about it?


Edit: Whatever you say, dude. I've humored yo this past week, but you're boring. You have the same handful of ignorant things to say, and are too blinded by your own false sense of intelligence to even realize how wrong you are. Play time is over.

BrutallyBlunt2246d ago

Hicken takes one step forward and two steps back. Now we will patiently await Hicken's same attitude if Playstation All-Stars sells well. I imagine we will wait until eternity for that.

Did the above member mention Sony? No, so that means you either follow this user around or you keep having this itch to troll the comment section looking to argue with anyone.