‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update 19 September 2012

Jawad Ashraf – PS Store Team -

Vita owners! It’s time to take Sackboy on a new adventure in LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita. A variety of titles head to PlayStation Store this week for PS3 including Borderlands 2, One Piece Pirate Warriors, Jet Set Radio and plenty more.

Today we also have two PSOne titles added into our library – Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and a Japanese Import titled Tall Unlimited.

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Cirran2217d ago

I wouldn't purchase LBP Vita on the store just yet. Its having problems and alot of people are getting charged twice for it. The store in general is having technical probs with this weeks update so I would hold back from buying anything just yet if you can.

R_aVe_N2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

yeah I had a few issues I think that is due to them working on the store update that will release soonage. For now the best bet is to get it at retail.

Cirran2217d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Its most likely due to the new PS Store update that has been rumoured. Reading the comments on the blog is amusing. People are so impatient and angry. Also peoples assumption that it's all Sonys fault on pricing and content not being included is silly. How can Sony help it if the CS:GO devs haven't submitted the game or given the team an update?

andron2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Well I think the anger and frustration is warranted. There has been issues with the store updates every week. Some minor and other major, but too often there is no information and we are only told to wait.

I'm more of the patient kind, and I understand that there can be technical difficulties and rights issues. But when we are told SCEE are stricter with their submissions and then there are still problems, you have to ask if they know what they are doing?


PLEASE CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN that problem to me???

I was just goign to purchase LBP from PSVita store. How are people getting charged twice for it? Please help me to know about this problem. I was unaware of it. Any link talking about that problem will be helpful, thanks a lot.