Can Nintendo Reclaim Lost Ground on Sony and Microsoft with the Wii U?

Chillopedia | On 19th November 2006, the World finally got hold of what it had been eagerly anticipating for many, many months. Launched to great fanfare as the first standalone motion sensitive console available, the Wii went about redefining what a typical “gamer” was, with a range of titles designed to include the whole family from the teenage boy right through to grandparents.

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Trunkz Jr2221d ago

The Wii lost a fair amount of hardcore gamers, with the Wii-U those that were Nintendo fans can actually come back now. The pre-orders are showing this, I just wish the system could support 4 Wii-U game tablets so I could get a group of friends and play say Goldeneye and nobody can look off my screen ^^

PopRocks3592220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

You probably can with four Pro controllers (albeit split screen). Blops 2 also supports the Wii+Nunchuk combo.

ninjabake2220d ago


I agree with both of you 100% and I wish there were more gamers like us around. More open-minded and overall just having a love for gaming and not restricting yourself to one genre, one game or one system (nothing wrong with being that kinda gamer but when they start bashing others is when it rears its ugly head).

ninjabake2220d ago

Real Nintendo fans never left.

DwightOwen2220d ago

Correction: REAL GAMERS never left Nintendo.

Hisiru2220d ago

Real gamers have all three consoles (if possible) and play games from all the 3 companies.

Qrphe2220d ago

X fans play on X console regardless of sales.


Knight_Crawler2220d ago

Hardcore gamers play games not sales and exclusives.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

The real nintendo left. You trust them so easy again? You mean N64 fans are still around & hoping for something good..

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dedicatedtogamers2220d ago

Well, considering how the Gamecube only sold about 20 million, the Wii couldn't have lost THAT many hardcore gamers, because there weren't many loyal to Nintendo anyway, it seems. Every single one of my gaming friends owns a Wii and several games for it. I don't see how Nintendo "lost" them...

Knight_Crawler2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I bought a Wii and only played Zelda and Mario Galaxy but the Wii U line up is looking beast.

Razgriz3832220d ago

I think the Wii U is going to make up ground...then lose it all over again when the other next gens come out. But I'm certainly considering one.

Moonman2220d ago

Reggie seems hell bent on that not happening. Nintendo is going to flex some muscle in this upcoming 8th generation. I read a Forbes article about Nintendo being very aggressive in japan about getting exclusives now. That coupled with their first party muscle is beastly.

DivineAssault 2220d ago

if nintendo treated the west w the same care as japan, i would support em to the end.. as long as they keep releasing E rated games to us w few eastern titles, im not giving them a damn cent anymore.. I may eat those words when i see metroid & zelda but i dont so for now, my money will go towards games that deserve it...

ChunkyLover532220d ago

Nintendo had a great idea, the motion controls and cheaper price point were pure genius, but I think Nintendo underestimated how fast people would adopt HDTV's. When the Wii launched in 2006 only 15% of homes had an HDTV, now its around 50%, and those people want a console that takes advantage of that.

I don't think Nintendo really lost ground though, they just reached market saturation. After selling almost 100 million Wii's, who was left to buy one?

I think people are throwing out guesses when it comes to "core" and "casual". We know the Wii appealed to casuals and families, but core gamer's bought it too. Some people buy Nintendo consoles strictly for Nintendo first party games.

They'll be fine, launching first for the next generation and at a reasonable price point, offering more then just gaming, Nintendo will do well. I doubt we'll ever see a console sell 100 million again though, its just a different time and there is too much competition, which is a good thing. No one company should dictate the whole gaming industry.