The 6 best games to play when you're hungover

Forget leeches, there's one hangover treatment that works: video games. Here are the six games that will get you through the "last" hangover you'll ever hav

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iamnsuperman2316d ago

Really. I wouldn't play most of these games while hungover. Too be honest something that requires you to take things slow is perfect for a hangover (i.e. Flower)

Invert-On2316d ago

An ideal list of perfect games to play would probably be a little samey and indie, full of point and click titles with whistful soundtracks. This list is an attempt at balance between what's ideal and what's (hopefully) readily at hand. Plus, all of these have undergone rigorous testing while nursing a sore head. Flower's perfect though, yeah.

GreenRanger2316d ago

I don't drink alcohol, so i've never experienced a hangover.
What am i missing?

Saturne32316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

nothing, because you dont remember most of it anyways haha

Jdoki2316d ago

Imagine you're Sonic the Hedgehog running carefree through Green Hill and everything seems fun and awesome... then you get hit by a truck, and your now limp blue half dead body sticks to the tire for the next 50 miles... that's a hangover.

iamnsuperman2315d ago

Put it this way...You know things are bad is when you have to lie in a bath for two reasons. One because it cools your head down and two well lets not go into that reason.

Jdoki2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I agree with #1 on the list, Journey is doable with a hangover.

I would replace GTA with something like Just Cause 2 or Saints Row though - they are more mindless.

All the others are probably not possible depending on the size and scale of the hangover... Playing CoD multiplayer, no.. that's far too much noise and chaos. Playing Mario Galaxy.. no, that requires far too much skill.

I think there could be a market for a genre geared towards getting people through hangovers.

nikoado2315d ago

Seriously, no mention of "Noby noby boy"?