Fifa 13 Bicycle Kick Tutorial

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"This tutorial will have you flying through the air and blasting shots away into the back of the net in no time when Fifa 13 is upon us in a few weeks time. This video is courtesy of Ex-Play Vault Podcast Host Curtis Morton, known on Youtube as TheGamerCan."

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waltyftm2312d ago

I can't wait to see the look on my sons face when i start smashing these beauties in :)

Jonmau52312d ago

Get your celebrations ready! Running around the living room shirt over head, fist pumping the air!

waltyftm2312d ago

Robot for me, got it down to a fine art :)

Jreca2312d ago

I still remember my first soccer game, World cup 98 for GameBoy, there was a spot (getting in the penalty area in the intersection of this and the penalty arc) that granted 100% the goal. I was already breaking mechanics at 9, yeah.

Given the IA, there's always a way to find a loophole or a weak point in the algorism. Good luck with your FIFA matches!

Jonmau52312d ago

Haha! Breaking games since 9! That is awesome!

I remember finding a similar glitch in David Beckham Soccer, where from a corner you could score every single time.

The corner taker simply had to hit the ball low to the ground and aim at the far post and it was a sure fire goal.

ahhh, those were the days. Good luck with you Fifa play too.