Borderlands 2 - Unlimited Eridium Exploit

Here is a useful exploit for you guys looking for easy eiridum just make sure you have done the mission "a dam fine rescue" or at least until you get to open that gate have fun guys

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ExCest2223d ago

Expect patch? Still, nice find. Time to cheat the character that I don't have... ;_;

harrisonxxi2223d ago

its a ton of work when you can just hexedit the value alot easier (and quicker).

ExCest2223d ago

(psst) that's pc only

jimmywolf2223d ago

doubt their in a big rush too patch this it helps get more ammo an storage space not too game breaking i played the slots an won about 50 bars over my played time their rare but not that uncommon

NeoTribe2222d ago

How do people find satisfaction in cheating?

slothbot2219d ago

Some people find joy in cheating, some people find joy in acting superior to them on the internet. Some people derive pleasure in weird ways.