Extreme Gamer - Darksiders II Review

Extreme Gamer - The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are back for another battle against the demoniacal corruption. In a savage battle against evil, and the original formula, we will see if Death can redeem what War could not.

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GhettoBlasStarr2245d ago

6.8/10.....You're kidding right?? I think they've done a GREAT JOB with this game. This game deserves no less than 8.0, IMHO I'd give it a 9.1

SCW19822245d ago

And I would give it around a 8.5. Kind of frustrated there wasnt more of a story but you cant deny that awesome gameplay and the art design is so awesome!

themanplan2244d ago

This game is awesome on an apocalyptic level( I do not agree with your review). Through my experience in completing the game, I have came to the conclusion that this is truly a contendor for GOTY. I have played through a couple of times, making the replay value truly immpressive. This game was well worth the money I spent from this site: