PlanetXbox - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

PlanetXbox - "C'mon, it's Tekken. Home of the ten-hit combo that you looked like you mastered but really didn't."

A few hardcore fighting fans dismiss Tekken merely for the fact that it's built more for the tap-tap style of player, who can chain together combos with button presses rather than well-timed executions with a double joystick roll and such. But there's no denying that the series has kept its momentum through the years, most recently with last year's Tekken Hybrid, a fairly decent package that packed in a movie, Tekken Tag Tournament HD and a demo for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for a reasonable price. However, it's time to forego the extras and get back to the fighting, because Namco Bandai feels like it has something to prove this time around. It did moderately well with Soul Calibur V, but its latest offering, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, means business.

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