Why Nintendo goes Low Tech

After the launch of the GameCube it was seen as the last console that Nintendo released that that was on par or more powerful in raw power. Since then Nintendo has opted for more lower tech home consoles and handhelds. Replacing the idea of powerful consoles and introducing more innovation into their hardware. We look into why Nintendo has decided to do this in a couple key areas.

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ooquis2273d ago

To maximize profit.$$$

decrypt2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

That and the fact that console gamers dont care about graphics.


PS1 was weaker than N64 : PS1 was successful
PS2 was weaker than Gamecube : PS2 was more successful
Wii was weaker than XBox 360 or PS3 : Wii was the most successful console this gen.

Hence Nintendo knows console gamers dont care about graphics. Putting out a high tech console for them wont worth it as they will have to take a loss on the hardware. MS and Sony probably have learned their lesson too. They too will probably not be going for much this time around.

Xbox 360 at its launch time was equal to high range PCs.

PS3 at its launch time was equal to Low - Mid range PCs (thats because PS3 launched 1 year later and PC tech had moved on, not saying PS3 is weaker than the Xbox 360 though). 8800GTX had launched before the PS3 which made everything before it pretty much low to mid range.

This time around i expect all console makers to go with low end PC tech and save on costs. Which may not be a bad thing as most of the console demographic doesnt care about graphics, these companies know this and they can profit start generating profits much quicker in the gen with this strategy.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32273d ago

I haven't seen anything spec wise that has it as low tech...

Apex132273d ago

it's not that we dont care about graphics because in the end that and the crappy ports is what killed the Wii for me. They went too below the tech belt with that one. I can handle the wii u being above ps3 and way more powerful then the 360 which could not even handle gears of war online.

Graphics are a short term fix but then after the wow look at that you are left with pure game play and if that fails graphics dont matter. Like a pretty chick that is crap in bed, it's a no no lol

Baka-akaB2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

That's a skewed read . People did care about the graphics and power of both the ps1 and 2 . You convenient forget how late to the party both the n64 and GC .

And even more conveniently how their raw power could mean nothing given their tech limitations .

Who cared that the n64 was technically more powerful when limited by cartridges a limited texture cache, which could only hold textures of small dimensions and reduced color depth ? And the n64's architecture was a pain to program for .

Most n64 games didnt even look better than on ps1 and have the same weird array of colors .

The gamecube now was far better , but still with a limited mini dvd and again way too late to the party . There were like only a few titles with multiple discs on GC and even fewer open world titles , most likely with nintendo's pricey licensing fees

ooquis2273d ago

Nintendo has always been a hole generation behind the others.

BrutallyBlunt2273d ago

"Nintendo has always been a hole generation behind the others. "

No they haven't. The Gamecube was actually more powerful than the PS2. It just didn't have a DVD player.

The reason why Nintendo goes low-tech is because they are not willing to sell their systems at a loss like Microsoft and Sony do. They want to be profitable. Nintendo also doesn't have other resource streams like Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft has Windows to work off and Sony has TV's and other devices that share common interests with their gaming division.

Last and certainly not least is Nintendo likes to offer affordable gaming because they cater more to a wider array of gamers and families. They have never had a $300 game platform, let alone a $350 one. But they still wanted to go ahead with the Gamepad and that isn't cheap to do.

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Trunkz Jr2273d ago

I see the PS Vita and that tells me alone PS4 will be high tech as well. Pretty much they are giving developers more room to create great games and if they can make them look pretty then that will only add to their great game.

phantomexe2273d ago

I'm not seeing the low tech.... the ps4 and the next xbox aren't going be these gun hoe systems you guys think there going be. Some of you keep trying to compare consuls to computers which is a flawed mistake as well. They don't build consuls to compete with computers. The future of consuls is all about ram and don't expect 8 gigs of it. Consuls aren't going be super computers as this next gen takes off and its safe to say the wii u specs are fine moveing forward imo.

Apex132273d ago

Profit. Smart model. whach how much the other 2 systems will cost. lol then let me hear people going on about more power.

corrus2273d ago

Because Nintendo don't want to give their money that's why they make cheap consoles and selling it on high price

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