"Toukiden" Revealed For PS Vita

SegmentNext - "For all those who crave for a little demonic samurai action, we have got good news for you. Tecmo Koei has revealed a new game ” Toukiden ” for the PS Vita and PSP."

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abzdine2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

i'm excited over TGS. Vita will for sure be under the spot. Cross-play Vita PSP ? Why not Vita PS3 as well ?

sinncross2224d ago

because he game is not made for the ps3?

Exceed2224d ago


And being developed by Omega Force. I wonder if it follows the dynasty/samurai warriors gameplay...

nevermore2224d ago

really looking forward to it!

DivineAssault 2224d ago

damn another game announcement.. Who was it that was trolling me asking about new vita games? seek & thall shall find.. Probably find more than u hoped

TheLastGuardian2223d ago

*seek and thou shalt find

lol Google is your friend.

Hooray for PS Vita!