New PlayStation Store Coming In October?

“To tie in with the launch, PlayStation Store for PS3 is set to get a new look from October 2012 too, making it even easier for you to find and download the content you love from the comfort of your sofa.”

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FriedGoat2224d ago

Lets hope they get some new staff for the European store too. Because they are TERRIBLE.

DOMination-2224d ago

They need to go back and give proper and clear descriptions for all games. The Xbox marketplace is so much better at being informative. You shouldn't have to look stuff up to know what youre buying

Ares84HU2224d ago

In all honesty I think they are just keep over complicating the store. The first time I used it back when it came out it was very easy to use and navigate. Than there was an update that made it easier but ever since I think they are just adding way to many categories and under those they are addig way to many subcategories.

For me the store can be a bit of a pain in the ass if I want to find the latest content. It takes too many "clicks" to find out what's the latest demo/avatar/free game/ theme, etc. Things are buried too deep.

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zeddy2224d ago

thank goodness. suprised it took this long. the current UI looks like a sub menu of a sub menu.

xtremeimport2224d ago

I like the current store. Much easier to navigate than the Xbox, but I have found that over the years, they've added categories that seem outta place.
Subtle updates are important though, they make an old product feel new. which on its own increases longevity of its life cycle.

BlaqMagiq242225d ago

Hope they do something to organize that damn download list. Trying to find and redownload something I bought months ago is downright annoying

TheMrMadzen2225d ago

I'm pretty sure they are fixing this. Considering my download list recently has sorted itself into minis, full games, PlayStation 1 games etc. (Not perfectly, as full games keys, some minis, some PS1 titles etc. are all over the place)

KwietStorm2225d ago

I've only been requesting this for years. Hopefully its finally time. As it is right now, its actually easier to go alphabetically through the store to find something, which is pretty ridiculous.

ThanatosDMC2224d ago

Agreed, i have 800+ downloads. Lots of those free avatars and random stuff.

soraalam12224d ago

You guys know that you don't have to re-download it from the list. (in most cases) you can just search the store for what you are trying to download and then instead of it having a "buy now" button it will just have a "download" button.

mastemikegee2224d ago

Exactly what 'soraalam1' said!
I was just about to say this.

You can use the search function in the store to search for what items you have previously downloaded and you'll see a 'red shopping bag' next to the items you've downloaded already. Click on those items (games, avatars etc..) and you'll have an option to download them rather than buy them since you already bought them.

The only problem with this is you have to remember what you're looking for. When you have 500+ downloads it's easy to forget what games you had bought.

RustInPeace2224d ago

You can go thru thru the store and search, but it's better to go thru the history. When my launch 60 GB died I needed to redownload a ton of things. Now I don't know if anyone remembers, but Sprint & Sony had a promotional giveaway of Ragdoll Kung-Fu for free. When looking thru the store to redownload it, it was not marked as owned. That then forced me to search though the 1000+ downloads I have.

mastemikegee2224d ago


In that case you are right. And yes, I remember that promotion. I remember how I went nuts cause I had bought it day 1 for $9.99 and if I had waited I would have gotten it for FREE!

However it's a great game. Worth being in anyone's collection. If only it had online support...

showtimefolks2224d ago

well i just lost 250gb of date on my ps3 when it died on me,(very sad)

i don't even remember a lot of stuff on my old ps3 so i have to go though a list of 499 items to find the 200 or so i have to download.

than it takes forever to download everythig.(my mistake for not having backup)

i hope they do make improvements but please don't make it complicated, plain,simple nice looking is something i hope they are going for.

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Gamer-Z2225d ago

Now if they can just update the UI and add party chat it would be a dream come true but this is still a very welcomed update.

ziggurcat2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

sony stated a *long* time ago that due to hardware constraints party/cross game chat would not be possible on the PS3

time to let it go.

Pixel_Enemy2224d ago

The hardware constraints explanation is only partly true. That makes it sound like the 360 has better hardware which we all know is not true. It is just that they didn't set a limit with the amount of ram games can use so that they set aside ram specifically for cross game chat. They could probably still do it with newer games but it would only anger the fans since so many games would not be compatible with it that were released earlier. It would also anger developers who's games aren't compatible with it. Better to just wait till next gen. Cross game chat works great on the Vita so you know Sony learned their lesson.

2224d ago
rainslacker2225d ago

That'd be really nice to see some upgrades to the store. It's functional as it is, but doesn't lend itself to just browsing for new titles in an engaging manner.

I'd personally like to see ways to filter the download list, maybe make proper suggestions on new games based on your game playing habits, and most of all be engaging instead of something that looks like a web store front from 10 years ago. Possibly ways to customize the color like you can do with the Vita's interface.

laid2rest2225d ago

How is that title a question?

nikoado2224d ago

Is it a rhetorical question?

nikoado2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Don't you think I would know if it was?

Edit: Sorry, this is reminding me of that "questions only" game in "Whose line is it anyway"?

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