Toukiden debut teaser

Take a look at the first teaser for the just-announced Vita (and PSP) game from Tecmo Koei and Omega Team.

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NovusTerminus2318d ago

A game about killing oversized monsters... I am interested!

sinncross2318d ago

Looks potentially good.

NovusTerminus2318d ago

I like Omega. Dynasty Warriors is great fun. Not innovative, or mindblowing. But with so many games trying to reinvent the wheel, it's nice to have a game that just keeps using it.

Godmars2902318d ago

Or rather it could be depending on how the fighting happens. Weather you can crawl on the monsters a-la Shadow of the Colossus or Dragon's Dogma, or you just whack the ankles.

rainslacker2318d ago

Yeah, I saw this and liked the art design. Can't wait to see some gameplay footage and more trailers. Hope it comes to the US too.:)

ForRealz172318d ago

Team Omega never disappoints! Looking forward to this.

boybato2318d ago

Glad they are still taking risk even though DW Vita did not really sell that well, thus they have my support.

Bowzabub2318d ago

Guess this is as close as I am going to get to Onimusha this gen. Day 1.