Rock Band Stage Kit boxed in the flesh

As if it couldn't get any more ridiculous.

*Que angry Jaffe podcast*

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bohemian 234327d ago

Wow.. I don't even know what to say about that. If you need a stage to be on while playing rock band you have some serious self esteem issues.

mighty_douche4326d ago

"Look at me Mummy... LOOK AT ME!!"

wageslave4326d ago

I dont think many people are going fire this up by themselves.

For $99? Im sure my freinds will get a good laugh out of it. I have parties, and people end up playing Rock Band (and Scene It? and Viva Pinata Party Animals...)

Whats the issue? Its funny as heck IMHO and well worth $100.

Mattearl4326d ago

I definitely agree with you. I have some pretty big parties, and Rock Band ALWAYS comes out of the woodworks. So having lights and smoke would be hilarious. I can just imagine all the drunk yelling. It would be like ... errr... a concert. hahah

Nostradamus4326d ago

When alot of people are over playing GH3, I bring out the stage lights, its funny, everybody laughs when they first see it.

three88bu4326d ago

They are working on this crap and I still dont see individual instruments on store shelves yet. Wow, great priorities there.

solar4326d ago

im actually picking up Rock Band today. its bad enough being a douche who plays a fake guitar, i dont need a stage to elevate my douche-dom to chris edwards status.

btw, did they ever get the Les Paul guitar to woth with the ps3 version of rock band?

bohemian 234326d ago

Theres no problem it's just kind of another " what will they think of next". When will they package it with groupies and heroin ? I play guitar so I never really got into those games but for 99 dollars you could get Real guitar lessons. Do you guys all play accoustic Rockband/Guitar Queero ?

The Wombat4326d ago

Nearly everyone I know personally (including myself) that plays and loves GH/Rock Band plays some sort of real instrument, mostly guitar. The two don't have to be mutally fact, I think knowing how to play real guitar actually makes GH more fun...that's just me though.

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