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GameArena: "It's expertly paced, cleverly written, gorgeously refined and beautifully executed. What surprised me the most is the sheer level of detail involved. Personalised character elements, the duel for loot system and the depth of your skill tree customisation makes playing for yourself more satisfying than ever. Symbiotic AI and meta-challenge systems give you more reason to fight on. And a combination of loot-chasing and story make Borderlands 2 a must own."

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CommonSense2223d ago


c'mon. it's a really fun, good game. but the best possible score? i don't think so.

Detoxx2223d ago

It's a review, if the reviewers think it's worth a 10/10, they'll give it an 10..

If they think its worth a 7/10, they'll give it a 7.

I'd rather see 10/10 scores, the game deserves it in my opinion

CommonSense2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

i realize it's a review. you don't need to tell me it's a review.

my comment was a comment. not all comments have to agree with the article. what's the problem?

@RedSoaked: That'll just instigate more unwarranted hate. but sure, i'll name a couple. you still have to do a lot of back and forth traveling, the game can feel like a grind at times, they still haven't quite got co-op where it should be. if you have a loot whore that just grabs every gun they see, you can find yourself falling behind on damage. the game doesn't do enough to separate itself from the original game. a lot of the "jokes" are pretty juvenile and remind me of an exchange you'd hear in a middle school cafeteria. there are a lot of bugs, including ones where the guy you're fighting will just stand still and wait to die. A lot of recycled enemies.

every one of those are, admittedly, minor complaints. like i said, i think the game is a lot of fun, i'm having a blast playing it; but it's not a 10.

RedSoakedSponge2223d ago

name me something negative about it which subtracts a score point from that 10?

rajman2223d ago

Single player gets boring after a few hours of playing, though co-op is alot of fun

RedSoakedSponge2223d ago

ahh i see. well i never had that issue with the first borderlands so i doubt that would change my opinion on this one! :)

Captain Qwark 92223d ago

i actually agree with a lot of common sense complaints. that said the game so far is def a 9 for me. the thing is, they are all very minor complaints and dont really take away from the experience except the AI, soemtimes its pretty good, other times its dumb as f*ck. also if you put the pros and cons of this game side by side, it would be very one sided.

anything below an 9 would be criminal for this game, id get behind anything 9 and up. also still wouldnt recommend it to anybody who didnt care for the first though.